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Koch- & Weinschule
Cooking & Wine School  Kaiserslautern


I would like to teach you the secrets of the Asian cuisine in my cooking school. By my origin Korea and through my 40 years of experience as a longtime owner of various Asian restaurants (last: Japanese Restaurant SUKIYAKI in Ktown) it gives me a lot of pleasure to pass on my knownledge and my experience to you. Since I studied wine, I am wine expert and wine taster. I can advice you completely and recommend you good wine.

Did not you always want to learn Sushi perfectly? Or cook Thai food – of course healthy with lots of fresh herbs and different curries. Do you know the world-famous Korean Kimchi? Let yourself be surprised!

No matter if you want cook with your partner for Asian cooking to enjoy a relaxed evening with your children at a family party or with colleagues at a corporate event – we are ready for it! We sit in a round table, cooking or grilling – as usual in Korea – with an Infrared – Biowellnessgrill inside the table. Vegetarians may cook all dishes in vegetarian style on request.

Learn more: look for cooking classes and seminars. Find your favorite theme and write me. I´m looking forward to seeing you!